Bethesda Cooperative Nursery School
Bethesda, Maryland, USA

The school playground - a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat
Fish and Frogs classroom


Mommy and Me class

- Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10-12

- Age 15-29 months

- Cost $25 per class.

- Teacher: Robbin Anapolle

Fish Class

 - Tuesday & Thursday 9:15-11:45    

 - Age 2 - (younger 2's)

 - Tuition: $275/month
 - Lead Teacher: Lakshmi Rallhabandi 


Frog Class

- Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:15-11:45

- Age 2 - (older 2's)

- Tuition: $390/month

- Lead Teacher: Lakshmi Rallhabandi

Firefly Class
- Monday-Thursday 9:30-12:00
- Age 3
- Tuition: $410/month
- Lead Teacher: Diana Hovhannisyan

Caterpillar Class
- Monday-Friday 9:30-12:00
- Age 4
- Tuition: $425/month
- Lead Teacher: Robbin Anapolle

Additional Programs

-Early Drop off beginning at 8:45 is available

-Music Together and Jump Bunch are a weekly part of each class. Both programs are internationally known for excellence. Music Together recognizes that all children are musical and learn to express this in a stimulating and supportive environment. Jump Bunch offers safe, age-appropriate sports activities in a noncompetitive atmosphere.

-Lunch Bunch is available to all Monday-Thursday from 12:00-2:00 starting in late September. A different themed activity is offered each day of the week. Our current offerings are: Construction, Soccer, Drama and Science. Soccer is provided by an outside contractor, but the others taught by BCNS teachers.

-Summer Camp begins on the Monday following the last day of school and runs for six weeks. The camp day is from 9:00-1:00.

To register for the two-year-old class children must turn two by September 1st of that year. To register for the three-year-old class children must turn three by September 1st of that year. To register for a four-year-old class children must turn four by September 1st of that year. Toilet training is not required for any class.


More about Music Together and JumpBunch
Students attend Music Together and JumpBunch class as activities during the school day in addition to theme-based teaching units including free play, projects, story time, songs, and outdoor time. An activity fee is charged for these programs. 

Music Together (musictogethermontgomery.comis an internationally based early childhood music program designed to engage children's natural musicality. The research-based curriculum is designed to encourage bonding between children and their caregivers. And research shows that music education benefits ALL learning and boosts self confidence.

JumpBunch ( is the leading national provider of mobile sports and fitness programs for children from toddlers to twelve-year-olds. JumpBunch is led by a former BCNS parent.