Bethesda Cooperative Nursery School
Bethesda, Maryland, USA

                  Bethesda Cooperative Nursery School


BCNS believes in parental involvement and tries to make classroom participation as enjoyable
for the parent/guardian as it is for the children. No special skills are needed, only a
willingness to learn from your child and the teachers. Classes are well staffed by professional
teachers. However, because the nursery school relies on parental help, all cooping responsibilities
are mandatory.

Time Commitment 

Parents/guardians should expect to spend one to two “coop days” per month in the classroom. In addition,
parents/guardians must sign up for one to two “sub days”, for which the parent/guardian must remain available
until class time. (Coop and sub days are fewer in the 2's classes that meet fewer times per week).
Grandparents, other relatives and English speaking nannies are welcome to coop. 

Parents who have two or more children in the school may be required to coop fewer days in each individual
classroom. The cooping parent is responsible for providing snack and drink for the class, including adults. 
While in the classroom you may ask the staff how you can best assist them and the children. You should
expect to have fun and enjoy the time with your child and his/her classmates.

Events: Back to School Night, Halloween, Winter Carnival, Music Party